Where to find us ?

Our Address

Bridgettine Convent

St. Winefride's Gust House

20 New Road

Holywell, Flintshire


​Who we are ?

As an Order we originate from the fourteenth century St Bridget of Sweden ('Birgitta' in Swedish), co-patroness of Europe, and were re-established as a new branch in Rome by the twentieth century foundress St Elizabeth Hesselblad of Sweden. We have over fifty houses in Europe, Asia, North and Central America, and in Cuba, and we are blessed to be constantly growing and establishing new houses in new countries.

We dedicate ourselves to a life of prayer, in combination with engaging in the mission of the local Church. Our activities centre on providing hospitality in our guest houses, and we also teach catechism, run nursery schools, care for the sick, and provide homes for students and old people.

Our hospitality extends to all Christians of whatever denomination or community, as well as to those of other faiths, and dear to us is the promotion of ecumenism through welcoming those on retreat, conferences and seminars, and school study visits.

In England and Wales we have two communities - Holywell in Wales and Iver Heath in England. In each we have a thriving liturgical life, in which all are welcome to participate, that includes daily Mass, celebration of the Divine Office, Holy Rosary and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Come and visit us at any time and you will be sure to receive a very warm welcome.

To read about our convents and guest houses and times of our services so that you can participate in our liturgical life, and to learn more about the history and saints of our Order please have a look around our website.

To enjoy our hospitality please arrange a stay at our bed and breakfast accommodation in Holywell or Buckinghamshire.

Booking: Tel 0044 (0)1352 712925 or 0044 (0)1352 217116

Email: avemariahall@bridgettine.org